Live Tweet/Text

With Digital Entertainment’s Live Text and Tweet to screen options, entertain while automatically collecting user cell phone numbers, twitter screen names and email addresses of audience members that sends a message to your television screens from their mobile phone.

  • Follow a Twitter Feed
  • Live text and tweet questions
  • Instant polling & voting
  • Text the DJ
  • All messages screened for content – manually or automatically

You can even use this database of users for Text Message  or Twitter Marketing to send text message promotions and event notifications to your customers in the form of digital tickets or digital coupons.  You can use our phone number, a short code, or even your phone number.  Contact us today to get more information!

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What would I have done without Chris. He is an excellent DJ, but he also does so much more. He has really touching extras, like love stories and wine boxes, that are such great additions to the reception. He also makes sure everything goes smoothly - he's like a day-of coordinator. He'll make sure you have time to eat and he'll make sure you have time to talk. Need a DJ - CALL CHRIS. I SWEAR you won't regret it.

- Jonteray and Eric, Denver, CO